Leftover Pictures from February

1.  The Austin marathon came by our house




A Quick Note On Fat Squirrel:

In September, my mom put four pumpkins on our steps, as she does every Fall. I usually bring in the pumpkins one by one to cook and eat. Around the beginning of October, we noticed that one of the pumpkins had been pecked at a little bit. We assumed birds. Over time, more and more of the pumpkin disappeared: The top was removed, the insides hollowed out. My mom even added some of those plastic Halloween pumpkin eyes to it, in an effort to scare away the little thieves. Soon after, I found the eyes discarded on the lawn and even more of the pumpkin was gone. Eventually my mom caught a squirrel eating away at the pumpkin.

Now, it is possible that a small army of neighborhood squirrels was destroying the pumpkin, that birds and feral cats and little rodents might have helped as well. BUT, at the same time this guy right here showed up in our back yard. He looks like he ate another squirrel. We have seen tree branches break under his weight. This is a squirrel that very well could have eaten an entire medium sized pumpkin on is own.

3. Not From February, but I saw a woodpecker this morning.

I misnamed the file, lol