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NEW COMIC: I made this for someone

I made this for a friend. I don’t remember exactly who and I don’t remember exactly why. I remember that someone I care about needed some support and I immediately pulled out a scratch piece of paper and made a storyboard. Whoever you are: I just wanted to say sometimes I feel the same way too, like I’m talking and my words aren’t making it to their destination. Don’t give up.






i'mhere3-500There’s one more thing I have to mention.

Self Portrait

self portrait, age 3

I’m really loving playing around with ink and washes, despite my previous adherence to technical pens only. My apologies to my friend Danielle, who has been trying to get me on the ink and brush bandwagon for years.

The book I’m reading is Milk and Cookies: a Frank Asch Bear Story, by Frank Asch. It wasn’t my favorite book, but I read it often. The house in the book reminded me of my Great Grandparent’s house, which I loved dearly. There was also a monster, which never hurt.

Some more fixed horoscopes

Free Will Astrology sometimes has great words to play with. A lot of the time thy also have words I do not find useful. Here is what I did the last month and a half with the words I liked, from the column in the Austin Chronicle.

from Free Will Astrology, week of Oct 31st

Aries: You live away. There was a time when you linked hours and tunnels.

Taurus: It’s urgent that you drive home to yourself as this unusual creature.

Virgo: Our ancestors eat brains. It’s beef. I’m confident that your own brain will be better. Partake in this exotic dish. Take advantage of your intelligence.

Sagittarius: A catharsis: profane language. The second remedy is contained in dance as melancholy.

Capricorn: You are a rake. Return others’ dreams.

From Free Will Astrology, week of November 14:

Aquarius: Offer irresponsible hedonism. Carry out your joy.

yeah, that’s all I got.