Author: Brianna

  • Things I have eaten off the ground

    this was originally published on a online zine that seems to be defunct. Wild Onions We are having a conversation about our breakfasts because we do not know each other well. “I had eggs with wild onions,” I say. “Where do you get wild onions?” he asks. “I picked them out of a park,” I […]

  • Blackout Poetry

    Sometimes it’s good to do warmups to actually get ready to create. Sometimes it’s good to do them in the middle of a project, when you get stuck and need to think of things in a new way. Sometimes its god to do them because you’re bored on the bus and can’t do anything more […]

  • Ten Things Things only Snake People will understand

    1. There are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season and Hibernation 2. Finding clumps of scales in the shower drains 3.  The Illuminati 4. Having no control over your internal body heat 5. Controlling the Liberal Media 6. Controlling the Conservative Media 7. Waiting for snakeskin purses to come back in style 8. […]

  • This is the thing I don’t talk about.

    There are two sentences I try not speak aloud. There are two sentences that I don’t even dare write directly down. There are two sentences that tell the story of who I am, or at least the parts of me that I carefully guard. These sentences will change the way people think of me, will […]

  • How to act like a human (for dogs)

    One- stand up: Humans have two legs. Don’t walk around on all fours Two- wear clothes: “Put some clothes on, no one wants to see that thing!” is what humans say to naked humans. REMEMBER: No shirt, no shoes, no service. Three- buddy up: smaller dogs- stand on top of each other and wear a […]

  • COMIC: Secret Childhood Games (Or, How to Be a Butterfly)

    When you were a child, did you play make believe by yourself? Did you have secret games, with intricate rules, that you refused to share with or explain to anyone?   I did. Mine was called Butterfly. Here is how I played it:    

  • NEW COMIC: I made this for someone

    I made this for a friend. I don’t remember exactly who and I don’t remember exactly why. I remember that someone I care about needed some support and I immediately pulled out a scratch piece of paper and made a storyboard. Whoever you are: I just wanted to say sometimes I feel the same way […]


    Two creative exercises done while walking ONE: weird characters I came up with this week that I have no intention in using for anything but would like to keep record of. 1. A three year old girl who wants to be an old woman. she dresses up in a cotton shawl and a cane with an […]

  • Life, Death, etc

  • Write like a _____

    Writing, huh? It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. Your butt has to be in a chair. Bring a notebook everywhere you go. Write like a motherfucker.   Yes. Yes yes yes yes.   I truly believe in all of that. Not just for writing, but for anything that’s worth doing. Invest […]