Blackout Poetry

Sometimes it’s good to do warmups to actually get ready to create. Sometimes it’s good to do them in the middle of a project, when you get stuck and need to think of things in a new way. Sometimes its god to do them because you’re bored on the bus and can’t do anything more involved. Sometimes it’s good to do them just because.

Here is my latest blackout poem. What does it mean? Is it good? Is it art? Was it worth doing? Was it worth sharing? Man, Y’all are asking all the wrong questions.



Red swing, and the first sizeable chunk o’ life relentlessly parade in line and out. Cowboy, someone has still unfinished form. Inside the new, still never easy- is where the real is. Parody everything. Spin during dazzling classics. Anchor the role. Recall cameos. Duel choice. Fix. Fix. Together it’s more and less than, but never less than.