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  • How to act like a human (for dogs)

    One- stand up: Humans have two legs. Don’t walk around on all fours Two- wear clothes: “Put some clothes on, no one wants to see that thing!” is what humans say to naked humans. REMEMBER: No shirt, no shoes, no service. Three- buddy up: smaller dogs- stand on top of each other and wear a […]


    Two creative exercises done while walking ONE: weird characters I came up with this week that I have no intention in using for anything but would like to keep record of. 1. A three year old girl who wants to be an old woman. she dresses up in a cotton shawl and a cane with an […]

  • I fixed the horoscops

    (From Rob Brezsney’s “Free Will Astrology: for Oct 17-23” Page 110 of the Austin Chronicle) Scorpio: Late summer apple tree. A branch. Later, this gravity. Fast the space of him, his omens would be comparable. Sagittarius: Most birds don’t sing. Somewhere that isn’t this mottled tune, this creature deserves you: human, detached, above your own […]