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  • The New Doctor

    The New Doctor

    “Those involved with the show [Doctor Who] are tight-lipped of possible successors as Matt echoed, ‘I just want to see the best actor in the role, whether that be man, woman, otter.’” – Via Geeksugar     (I have no life)   IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!! The next Doctor has been announced.  

  • List: certanties in life other than death and taxes *

    1.  baby teeth 2.  thirst 3.  hunger 4.  loss 5.  calluses 6.  alienation 7.  breast milk 8.  belly button lint 9.  yearning 10. sand getting into crevices 11. bad movies 12. hair loss 13. indigestion 14. laughter 15. darkness 16. popcorn getting stuck in teeth 17. missing socks 18. pain 19. hope 20. misunderstandings *based…

  • Hipster Pee Wee Herman

    Hipster Pee Wee Herman