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  • Write like a _____

    Writing, huh? It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. Your butt has to be in a chair. Bring a notebook everywhere you go. Write like a motherfucker.   Yes. Yes yes yes yes.   I truly believe in all of that. Not just for writing, but for anything that’s worth doing. Invest […]

  • In Defense of Fanfiction (or, The Nerdiest Thing I Have Ever Written)

    There is this Very Popular Book Series that is being turned into what will most likely be an Equally Popular Movie Series. The first of these movies came out yesterday.¬† I don’t care about these books at all. The little bits that I read I didn’t like very much because I don’t think they were […]

  • An Accomplished Woman

    A week ago ¬†Fred and I went on a long walk. We were to meet up with a group of people I barely knew and go on a hike. We were 15 or so minutes late and I couldn’t find them. We were next to a grocery store that was hosting an outdoor concert. A […]