Tell stories, make stuff, be real

Brianna minks is a storyteller who is serious about being silly. Through her work she uses humor and honesty to explore themes of self-worth, embracing and championing difference, and self-advocacy. In her storytelling, writing, and visual works she encourages her audience to find beauty and joy in unusual places, and to consider what types of people they assign value to, who they overlook and why. 

Brianna believes that each and every person has value and has the right and ability to tell their own story. Through a mix of traditional American storytelling, narrative fiction and non-fiction, and zine and comix making, she empowers students of all ages and abilities to take ownership of their own narrative. She encourages her students to be true to themselves, embrace difference in themselves and others, and find and pursue their own definitions of success. With classes, workshops, and individual mentoring, she gives her students the tools they need to create honest, singular works of art.