5 Sep

List: certanties in life other than death and taxes *

1.  baby teeth
2.  thirst
3.  hunger
4.  loss
5.  calluses
6.  alienation
7.  breast milk
8.  belly button lint
9.  yearning
10. sand getting into crevices
11. bad movies
12. hair loss
13. indigestion
14. laughter
15. darkness
16. popcorn getting stuck in teeth
17. missing socks
18. pain
19. hope
20. misunderstandings

*based on current life. I don’t care about “in the future blah blah blah”

15 Jul

Outside my front door, 6pm on Saturday


It has been raining here an awful lot for a town that’s in a drought. (not that we are no longer in a drought, just like your being well-employed does not cancel out the recession.) When it isn’t raining the weather is unbearable. Not because of the heat, but because of the dryness. (With my eczema I would take humidity over this any day. Not to mention that my hair looks so flat now.) But yesterday was rather nice and warm and didn’t bother me much at all. I sat for a while with my dog in the front yard in an attempt to enjoy the day while avoiding the mosquito colony in the back. He wandered around, peed on the tree. I sat on the steps and watched him.

Overall it is a nice place to be on nice days. What I would like is a bigger porch with a swing that I could sit on while my dog lays near my feet. It would also be nice if I had an old tire on a length of rope that I could hang on a tree branch. The branches are too thin to hold the weight of anyone above the age of three but it’s really about the image it would create and not necessarily about functionality.

15 Jan

Hipster Pee Wee Herman






Pee-Wee Herman wearing dark glasses with the text "I'm a Loner, Dottie, a rebel"

“I know you are, but what am I?”