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16 Apr

Write like a _____

Writing, huh? It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. Your butt has to be in a chair. [&hellip

14 Feb

In Defense of Fanfiction (or, The Nerdiest Thing I Have Ever Written)

There is this Very Popular Book Series that is being turned into what will most likely be an Equally Popular [&hellip

2 Feb

My favorite comics (as a kid and a teen)

My friend Angela wrote about her childhood favorite graphic novels on her blog and it reminded me about the kind [&hellip

6 Jan

Your Horoscope for this week

Virgo: Where did you put your car keys? They are in your hand. Every time you ask, they are in your hand.

29 Nov

Some more fixed horoscopes

Free Will Astrology sometimes has great words to play with. A lot of the time thy also have words I [&hellip

15 Nov

What is the first story that you never wanted to leave?

I’ve written about The Little Mermaid before.  I saw it when it came out in theaters. I wore out two [&hellip

21 Oct

I fixed the horoscops

(From Rob Brezsney’s “Free Will Astrology: for Oct 17-23″ Page 110 of the Austin Chronicle) Scorpio: Late summer apple tree. [&hellip

10 May

An Accomplished Woman

A week ago  Fred and I went on a long walk. We were to meet up with a group of [&hellip

5 Sep

List: certanties in life other than death and taxes *

1.  baby teeth 2.  thirst 3.  hunger 4.  loss 5.  calluses 6.  alienation 7.  breast milk 8.  belly button lint [&hellip

15 Jul

Outside my front door, 6pm on Saturday

  It has been raining here an awful lot for a town that’s in a drought. (not that we are [&hellip